Dexcom ONE+

designed for smarter, easier,‡,§,1 more effective‡,¶,2-4

diabetes management - with no finger pricks,* no scanning ever.

* Finger pricks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings.

Dexcom ONE+ family

Smart devices sold separately

Why Dexcom ONE+?

Dexcom ONE+ provides automatic, accurate5,6 readings and insights into your glucose numbers through current and retrospective data to drive confidence in your patient’s daily control over their diabetes.

Exceptional accuracy5,6

Dexcom ONE+’s superior accuracy supports better treatment decisions,# like food intake and insulin dosing. It sends automatic alerts when glucose levels fall out of a pre-set range – no calibrations,6 finger pricks,* or scanning needed.

Small, convenient, discreet

to your patient’s lifestyle. A small, waterproof,††,6 wearable with up to 3 wear locations.**,6 offers your patients choice and flexibility. A 12-hour grace period and only 30-minute sensor warm up also offers patients with a more seamless transition between sessions.# With a 12-hour grace period and only 30-minute sensor warm up, Dexcom ONE+ provides a more seamless transition between sessions.#

Easy§,1 to get started

Dexcom ONE+ comes with fewer components making it easier to get started.# With an intuitive in-app onboarding and guided set up experience, your patients can confidently get started.

Customisable alerts

Dexcom ONE+ features customisable day and night alerts that can warn of severe high and lows. It also features the unique Delay 1st High Alert which enables your patients to better adjust alerts to fit their mealtime, is designed to reduce alert fatigue and can reduce rebound hypos by around 19%.‡‡,§,8

Dexcom Follow app§§

Users can share their data with up to 10 people using the Dexcom Follow app.§§ Widening the support network, this feature can support greater peace of mind, particularly in parents and caregivers.

Proven outcomes

Dexcom rtCGM systems, like Dexcom ONE+, are proven to lower HbA1C, increase time-in-range¶,|| ||,2-4,9 and improve quality of life.10,11 Dexcom ONE+ features event entry – your patients can log in their food intake, exercise sessions and insulin injections, helping them better understand their glucose patterns.¶,¶

* Finger pricks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings.

Dexcom ONE+ Components

Using the auto-applicator, users or caregivers can insert the all-in-one sensor and transmitter. Then, your patients will be able to view glucose data from the transmitter via their chosen display device.



Simplifies the sensor insertion with a push of a button for an easy, painless application.##,12

All-in-one sensor and transmitter

All-in-one sensor and transmitter

The all-in-one sensor and transmitter monitors interstitial glucose levels through a small wire inserted just underneath the skin and sends glucose data to the users display device.†,||

Display Device

Display Device

Dexcom gives you to flexibility to view and monitor your glucose readings through your compatible smartphone† or a dedicated Dexcom receiver.||

Who could benefit from Dexcom ONE+


Dexcom ONE+ is for patients two years and older with any type of diabetes including type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes.6

To find out more about accessing Dexcom ONE+ on prescription speak to a Dexcom Representative.

Confidently prescribe Dexcom ONE+

The all-in-one Dexcom ONE+ system is simple to prescribe as the applicator contains an all-in-one disposable wearable and comes in a box with 58% less packaging volume than prior generations of Dexcom CGM.6,12 Only one prescription is needed that can be easily sent directly to the pharmacy for your patients to get started.

* Finger pricks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings.

† Smart device sold separately. For a list of compatible devices, visit

|| Optional Receiver sold separately

‡ Compared to Blood Glucose Meter patient use

§ Results obtained with Dexcom G7 study, which shares the similar features and usability

¶ Results obtained with a previous generation of Dexcom CGM system and are applicable to Dexcom ONE+ given similar feature sets and better performance and


# Compared to previous generation Dexcom CGM

** Dexcom ONE+ are approved for wear on the arm and abdomen, and children 2-6 years can also wear their sensor on the upper buttocks

†† The Dexcom ONE+ Sensor is waterproof and may be submerged under 2.4 Meters of water for up to 24 hours without failure when properly installed.

‡‡ RWE analysis derived from a pseudonymized, aggregated and/or anonymous data set of Dexcom G7 users in the UK and EU

§§ Separate Dexcom Follow app required. Internet connectivity required for data sharing.

|| || Time in range was defined as 3.9-10 mmol/L - 70-180 mg/dL.

¶¶ Event Entry only available on smartphone app

## Results obtained with Dexcom G7, which shares the same hardware platform as Dexcom ONE+

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