Real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring Education

Your comprehensive resource for staying informed about diabetes care and technology, all in one place.

Dexcom education hub

Our exciting new Education Hub is an innovative online education resource designed to help all healthcare professionals offer the very best diabetes care and technology.

You’ll find a wealth of constantly updated CPD accredited online courses, and relevant clinical studies and reviews, all in one place. Enabling you and your patients to get the most out of real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM) technology.

Dexcom CPD

From the basics of getting started with rtCGM to interpreting patient data, integrating with other devices – including insulin pumps , smart insulin pens and apps – and more advanced clinical topics/studies, our hub brings together everything you need to help you, and your patients living with diabetes, maximise the life-changing benefits of rtCGM.

Registering for the Education Hub is simple.

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Additional educational support

To support your education journey, viewing relevant modules on Academy™, certified by the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ACBD), could be beneficial.  

Academy™ is an online educational program where healthcare professionals can increase their knowledge in diabetes technologies. It is accessed online through diasend® and provided free of charge to health care professionals. 

Modules you may find useful include: 

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring 

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pregnancy 

  • Sensor Augmented Pumps (SAP)  

  • Virtual Consultation 

How do I get access? 

If you have a diasend® account, simply click here to access Academy™ and fill out the form to activate your access to the platform.  

Non-diasend® users can request a free account with limited functionality, to use for access to Academy™. Fill out a registration form here