Frequently Asked Questions


Dexcom G6 CGM System  

How do patients remove their sensors?
Are Dexcom systems indicated for paediatric use ?
How do patients help keep their sensors on for the full 10-day wear?  
What is real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?

Dexcom CLARITY  

How does a clinic get started with Dexcom CLARITY?  
What are the computer and internet requirements for Dexcom CLARITY?  
How do patients share data with my clinic?  
How do I save or print reports? 
Can I export raw data? 
What reports can I view in Dexcom CLARITY?
How do I view patient data? 
How do I know when Dexcom CLARITY has been updated?
Who do I contact with questions about Dexcom CLARITY?
Why do I need to change my clinic user password?
Is patient data shown in real-time or is it delayed?
What is Dexcom Clarity?


Non-Adjunctive Indication  

If I have questions, whom should I contact?



Where can I get more information about Dexcom and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?


Accessing CGM for my patients 

Is there funding for Dexcom G6?
Does a patient need to be approved by HSE (Health Service Executive) or PCRS (Primary Care Reimbursement Service) before receiving Dexcom G6?
How is the Dexcom CGM System different to a Flash Glucose Monitoring System?
Are only certain groups of patients eligible for approval e.g. insulin pump users?
Can a patient order a Dexcom G6 CGM System even if they don’t qualify for approval under the Long-Term Illness (LTI) Scheme?
Which patients would benefit from Dexcom G6?
How cost effective is Dexcom G6?
How does a person with Diabetes access Dexcom G6?
Can an individual order this product even if they don't qualify for approval under the long-term illness (LTI) scheme?
How does a person with diabetes access Dexcom G7?


Does a patient need to be approved by HSE (Health Service Executive) or PCRS (Primary Care Reimbursement Service) before receiving CGM?
How do I know if a patient has been approved for CGM?
Can I see if a patient has been approved in the online secure checker?
Do I need to include an invoice with my claim at the end of the month?
How many sensors can the pharmacy claim for a patient each month?
A patient has reported to me that the sensor did not insert correctly, how do they get the sensor replaced?
How long will it take for orders to be delivered to my pharmacy?
I have ordered a Dexcom CGM product, why did I not receive an invoice with my delivery?
How do I order a new transmitter for someone who is on G6 rt-CGM and who's current transmitter is due to run out?
Do I order a transmitter for someone who is on Dexcom G7 rt-CGM or Dexcom One+?
How do I know if someone has been approved?
Is approval only for a certain group of people e.g. insulin pump users?
A person with diabetes has asked me to order a new transmitter as their current one is due to run out, how do I order?
Who do I contact for product support?
How to dispense dexcom cgm products?


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