Dexcom G7

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Introducing the Dexcom G7 real-time CGM System

Our simplest, most powerful real-time continuous glucose monitor (rt-CGM) yet.

The Dexcom G7 low-profile, all-in-one sensor with less than 30 min warm up, faster than any other CGM on the market, sending real-time glucose readings automatically to a compatible smart device or receiver.  

No finger pricks*, no scanning. 

Dexcom G7 is designed for people with type 1 diabetes, aged 2 and older, who need extra support, enabling them to take control of their diabetes and giving them freedom to live their lives in the way they choose.

Dexcom G7. Made for More.

*If your glucose alerts and readings from Dexcom G7 do not match symptoms or expectations, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions. 

Why Dexcom G7?

Dexcom G7 can help empower your patients with proven accuracy1 and the new G7 app† shows glucose levels and where they’re heading, helping people with diabetes make informed decisions. Spending more time in range and lowering HbA1C is easier than ever before.2-3 

Zero finger pricks* or scanning

Proven accuracy1 for diabetes management, with no finger pricks,* scanning or calibration required.


*If glucose alerts and readings from Dexcom G7 do not match a user’s symptoms or expectations, they should use a blood glucose monitor to make diabetes treatment decisions. 

Customisable alert schedules

Customisable high and low glucose alerts offer people with diabetes the ability to set alert schedules and repeat alert functionality for discretion and flexibility.

Continuous Share||

Users can share their data with up to 10 people using the Dexcom Follow app.|| Widening the support network, this feature can support greater peace of mind, particularly in parents and caregivers.

Faster than any other CGM

Dexcom G7 has an up to 30-minute warm up, twice as fast as any other CGM. It also offers a 12-hour grace period, so users can change sensor when it’s convenient for them.

Urgent Low Soon Alert

The “Urgent Low Soon” Alert can warn users in advance of a potential severe hypoglycaemic event (≤ 3.1 mmol/L) within 20 minutes and is associated with reduced hypoglycaemia, without a corresponding increase in hyperglycaemia.4

Delay 1st Alert

This unique feature allows users to delay the first high alert for a set time, between 15 minutes and up to 4 hours, making the alert more relevant by avoiding alert fatigue.


Full connectivity for the Dexcom G7 CGM System is coming soon.

We are working very closely with our partners to develop the integration of the G7 CGM into their insulin delivery systems (launch timings may vary). In the meantime, people with diabetes will continue to have access to Dexcom G6 CGM data that is integrated into multiple pump partner systems to manage their condition more effectively and conveniently.§

Dexcom G7 Components

Using the auto-applicator, users or caregivers can insert the all-in-one sensor and transmitter. Then, they will be able to view glucose data from the transmitter via their chosen display device.



Simplifies the sensor insertion with a push of a button for an easy, painless application.##,12

All-in-one sensor and transmitter

All-in-one sensor and transmitter

The all-in-one sensor and transmitter monitors interstitial glucose levels through a small wire inserted just underneath the skin and sends glucose data to the users display device.†,||

Display Device

Display Device

Dexcom gives you to flexibility to view and monitor your glucose readings through your compatible smartphone† or a dedicated Dexcom receiver.||

Dexcom G7 now connects directly to Apple Watch

Dexcom G7 is the only CGM system that connects directly to Apple Watch, giving users the freedom and convenience of real-time glucose readings on their wrist without having to always carry their smartphone.#  

Dexcom G7 connects with Apple Watch

How to identify people with diabetes who may benefit from Dexcom G7

Family with child

Dexcom G7 is suitable for anyone with diabetes over the age of 2 years. It can be worn by people who use a pump and by those on multiple daily injections.

Dexcom G7 real-time CGM System is best suited to people with T1 diabetes who may need extra support, such as  

  • people who suffer frequent hypoglycaemia; have a complete loss of awareness or extreme fear of hypoglycaemia; or who suffer persistent hyperglycaemia despite frequent testing
  • pregnant women
  • children and young people

To find out more information on how to access Dexcom G7 for people with diabetes being treated at your practice, speak to a Dexcom Representative.


† Smart device sold separately. For a list of compatible smart devices, please visit

‡ The Dexcom G7 can complete the warmup within 30 minutes, whereas other CGM brands require up to an hour or longer.

§ Separate Dexcom Follow app required. Internet connectivity required for data sharing.

|| Compatible insulin-delivery device sold separately.

¶ The Dexcom G7 is approved for wear on the arm and abdomen, and ages 2-6 can also wear Dexcom G7 on the upper buttocks.

# Compatible smartphone is required to pair a new Dexcom G7 sensor with an Apple Watch. Dexcom G7 users must continuously have their smartphone within 20 feet / 6 meters to utilize the Share/Follow features. Apple Watch is not capable of Share/Follow.

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