Patient Benefits of CGM

Dexcom G6 is suitable for anyone with type 1 diabetes over the age of 2 years. Whether treated with multiple daily injections or insulin pump therapy, they can benefit from real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rt-CGM).  


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Who Can Benefit?



• More than one episode of hypoglycaemia a year that’s brought on by no obviously preventable cause 

• A complete loss of awareness of hypoglycaemia  

• Frequent episodes (more than 2 times per week) of problematic hypos occurring without symptoms 

• An extreme fear of hypoglycaemia is causing problems or distress 

• Hyperglycaemia (HbA1c of 75mmol/mol (9%) or higher that persists despite testing at least 10 times per day 

Children & Young People

Children & Young People

• Experiencing frequent episodes of severe hypoglycaemia 

• Have impaired hypoglycaemia awareness that is associated with adverse consequences such as seizures or anxiety 

• If a child with diabetes is unable to recognise symptoms of a hypo or unable to adequately communicate the symptoms they have in order to prompt hypo treatment  

Pregnant Patients

Pregnant Patients

Approved for use during pregrancy.

More Insight Than Monitoring Alone


Unlike a single reading from a blood glucose meter, rt-CGM provides dynamic information about the direction of glucose change, giving your patient continuous and timely feedback on nutrition, activity, and insulin requirements to help make informed diabetes treatment decisions. CGM is a powerful therapy management tool that can inform better diabetes treatment decisions, ultimately leading to tighter glycaemic control, than using a blood glucose meter alone.1 

Accessing Dexcom G6 for Your Clinic

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CGM Systems are included on the long-term illness scheme and are available to people with type 1 diabetes who meet the clinical requirements. Full details on the requirements for adults can be found here.  

There are no set criteria for CGM use in children with type 1 diabetes but most consultants use the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines in the UK.

If you would like to find out more about Dexcom G6 and how to gain access to funding get in touch below.